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We are Hustle and Harmony –

Screw work-life balance. It's a myth!

Work-life balance is a myth – finding Harmony between your life buckets and using the power of Hustle to put energy in the right bucket at the right time is the solution for leaders looking to grow in today’s world.

This isn’t a pie in the sky concept – it’s the method that “Screw Work Life Balance” podcast hosts Shaun Hall and Kolby Kallweit have used to both receive multiple promotions and nearly triple their income within a 5 year period.

Hustle-doing something with intensity and intention.

Harmony – An alternative to the work-life balance…chasing one dream without giving up on another.

Too often people think that if you are a successful businessperson, you cannot possibly be a successful parent, spouse, friend and vice versa. If exceptional in one area, other areas must be less than by default. This is a defeatist’s way of thinking.

Join Shaun and Kolby as they lead and coach you to find Harmony and crush your goals through Hustle.