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An alternative to the work-life balance...chasing one dream without giving up on another

Screw Work-Life Balance

Too often people think that if you are a successful businessperson, you cannot possibly be a successful parent, spouse, friend and vice versa. If exceptional in one area, other areas must be less than by default. This is a defeatist’s way of thinking.

--Our entire mission is to lead and coach those who strive to be exceptional in all areas of life that are of value to them.

Think of someone who is chasing that 40-hour work week. What if an opportunity comes along that requires more work on a temporary basis? Well, to the person who is seeking that 40 hour week, they have two options; pass up the opportunity because it doesn’t fit the value, or jump on the opportunity and then be frustrated at the effect it had on the original goal. Neither is how success is built.

This is where Hustle and Harmony begin working together. Rather than visualizing a “balance”, we prefer visualizing a sound wave. When opportunity knocks, we call this the amplified state, or the peak of the sound wave. You should allow yourself to jump all in on an opportunity, giving however many hours, effort, and capacity required to be successful. Now, as a sound wave has that peak, it’s equally important to be mindful of the downward swing, we call this the Recharge State. Bingeing anything can be destructive and most definitely leads to burnout.

Together these states create a “Harmony”. The only way to achieve harmony is to make sure you are doing exactly what you need to be doing at any given moment. If you are being intentional than you should dedicate your full focus to whatever it is you are working on. If it is date night, don’t be checking work emails. If you are reading a book, don’t have the TV on in the background. Being half in is as destructive and wasteful as not having any direction at all. Again, being half in is as destructive and wasteful as not having any direction at all. You will hear us talk a lot about how time is a non-renewable resource. We spend a lot of our own trying to help others spend it wisely.

At Hustle and Harmony, we know life isn’t a journey, rather a symphony. In a symphony, you are less concerned with the ending. As you listen to its beautiful harmonies, you are in the moment. You don’t listen to a symphony in anticipation of the final note. What we see when people treat life like a journey is that when they reach that resolution, they realize that things are not much different than they were when they started. The goal may have been accomplished but at the sacrifice of being fully present in everything that leads up to it.

Shaun Hall

Shaun Hall


Public Speaker, Push Coach, Millennial Leader

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Entrepreneur, Push Coach, Pro Bodybuilder

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